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Interview with Mike ScottRed Devils

As a part of our interwiev-series we talked with Mike Scott after the game against Paks.

Interview with Roy Bookerinterview

In the latest issue of KKCInfo we made an interview with Roy Booker and after the game we provide you this short interview online.

Today's game is canceledinformation

Due to the unexpected amount of snow the game that was advertised for today has been canceled.

Sz+Sz is leavingnews
Sz+Sz Group, 100% owner of Polaroid - Lami-Véd Körmend is selling its ownership right and it not willing to be part of the management of the team for the future.

23 April 2009
Press release of 5 April 2009
2009-05-11 news
Polaroid – Lami - Véd Körmend broke contract with Peter Stahl, head coach and with two American players,
Chris Rodgers and Peter Mulligan.
The team can be full in number with the involvement of juniors until the end of the season, and this period will be the basis for next season at the same time.
Körmend, 5 April 2009

Peter Mulligan on try-out
2009-02-14 news
11 February 2009
Peter Mulligan  is on try-out in Körmend. Ha was born in 1982 and he is 197 cm tall. He played for ESPE Chalons-en-Champagnen Basket Pro last season. He can stay if he lives up to all requirements of the headcoach.
New foreigner in Körmend
2009-01-14 news

7 January 2009


The management of Körmend signed contract with KJ Garland, American player fit for posts 1 and 2 equally. He graduated from North Carolina Ashville University in 2008 where they won regular season in their conference.  


Tamás Csák old-new team leader
2009-01-14 news

5 January 2009, Körmend


As the first official act of the New Year Szabolcs Szabó owner nominated Tamás Csák to be the team leader. Tamás Csák has been working for Körmend for 16 years, he is now returning after a one-year break. Márton Szalai ex-leader is going to work on new projects for Sz+SZ Consortium.

Hencsey continues as head coach
2009-01-04 news
23 December 2008
The management of Körmend Basketball Club has made its decision considering the work of the head coach during his trial period. The management has contracted Tamás Hencsey, who was born in Körmend, as head coach until the end of the season. His first act was to break contract with Manix Auriantal.
Break of contract with mutual agreement of parties
2009-01-04 news
16 December 2008
The management of Körmend and Marko Milinkov broke contract with mutual agreement of both parties. The change of the head coach and other changes in the team led to this decision.
Hencsey Tamás is the temporary head coach
2008-12-01 news

On 27 November the contract with head coach
Krivacsevics Dragoljub was terminated by mutual agreement of the signatory parties, with immediate effect. The tasks will be taken on temporarily by Tamás Hencsey. His commitment is valid for an indefinite period.
KKC Info

Bialek stays in Körmend
2008-12-01 news

Körmend Basketball Club has concluded contract with Bialek
Zbigniew. The Polish center will be at the disposal of the team until the end of season.
Bryan leaves – Archie comes – Manix under supervision
2008-12-01 news

Körmend sent Bryan
McCoullogh away since he was not able to live up to requirements. Tezale Archie is supposed to be be contracted instead. Manix is under supervision because his preformance is very changeable.

Péter Vavra suspends his career
2008-12-01 news
Körmend, 2008. október 27.

On 27 October 2008 Péter Vavra and the management of
Körmend Basketball Club signed the agreement on suspending the player's career until end of January. The parties will negotiate at the end of January whether Vavra can continue based on his physical well-being.

Press release
2008-10-13 news
Körmend, 9 October 2008
Szabolcs Szabó on behalf of Sz+Sz Group announced that the consolidation of Körmend Basketball Club is planned  to be finished by the end of season 2009/10. The Group will sell or give over its share after the consolidation and is willing only to act on the supporters' side afterwards in the Hungarian sportslife.
KKC Info
Last Minute center in Körmend
2008-10-09 news

Körmend 2008.10.08

The management of Körmend contracted Zbigniew Bialek, Polish player, 203 cm tall, position 4.


Information about the Cup match
2008-10-07 news

Dear Supporters,

This is to inform you that the referees of the FIBA EuroChallenge match Polaroid Lami-Véd Körmend – Eiffel Towers Den Bosch of 14 October 2008 will be Luigi Lamonica (Italy), Robert Paulik (Czech Republic) and Florin Grigoras (Romania). The comissar of the match will be Goran Radonjic (France). Dutch supporters are expected to arrive to the match.   

Körmend Basketball Club

Press release - Changes in Körmend
2008-10-07 news

6 October 2008


Körmend broke with his player on try-out and further drop-outs can be expected.


Season tickets are available
2008-10-07 news

Season tickets are available in the Club Centre weekdays from 13 to 18 pm.


Körmend Basketball Club


Expectations of the head coach
2008-09-24 news
The head coach pointed out the following most important issues.

1. oldal1. oldal 1./4 oldal 2. oldal4. oldal

Törpördög news


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